2 Possible simple reasons that made your online store got no customers

Not repairing copywriting is a mistake. You don’t test and improve your ad copywriting. Many advertisers do not realize that the product advertisements they install need refreshment. Too long to put up the same ad can saturate visitors. Try if you pay attention to advertisements on television. For just one product version, we can see a variety of ads. And, in a certain period of time, it has been replaced again with a different advertising star. Meanwhile, you might also need to try the Craigslist Ad Posting Service to improve your site’s traffic.

But, this proved to be effective in influencing viewers. People today tend to get bored quickly, so we must anticipate and often test different ads. Each ad has a different conversion rate. Then you cannot stop at just one ad. Frequently put up advertisements and see which ads bring the most buyers.

Besides that, maybe you don’t make interesting ads. Advertising has a powerful magical power to attract visitors. Too bad if the headlines that you make are not able to attract the interest of your visitors. So, you must take advantage of the best advertising opportunities. If necessary, add testimonials and guarantees on all the advertisements you make. In order for visitors to be more confident in you.

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