Design Your Minimalist Home With These Three Ways

At present, minimalist home design is indeed a thing that is liked by many people. Many people compete to be able to create a comfortable, minimalist home. For this reason, the services of architects are really needed by them. One that can help you create a comfortable, minimalist home is erik-arquitectos. Because a minimalist house will clearly look comfortable with the right design and decoration.

For those of you who want to make a design for minimalist home that you have, then the following tips are indeed very important for you. The following are some tips on redecorating your minimalist home.

1. Maximize existing space
Another thing you should also consider to maintain a minimalist home is not to put too much furniture on the floor of the house. You can try to use a wall shelf to store books rather than a table, or a TV rack attached to the wall rather than an old TV set that takes up space in your home.

2. Avoid excessive space limitation
Making room dividers must be considered when going to form a minimalist home design concept. too much room divider will only make the house look cramped and you can’t put a lot of things there. To work around this, some rooms can be united without a wall partition and replaced with furniture with the same function, which is to become a barrier. For example, like the picture of the house above, a unique simple shelf has provided a second function as a barrier.

3. Use a mirror
The bigger the mirror size the better. Why? Mirrors that have reflective properties will help create optical illusions that make the room look bigger. This will be very beneficial for your minimalist home because it is as if you will add a new room in the house.

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