Detective Adventure Sensation in the Escape Room

Weekend holidays are the most fun-filled with hanging out activities with friends. However, outdoor land in big cities has been difficult to find. Finally, it’s more difficult to find exciting games that can be done together. Weekend activities are just about watching, eating, or shopping at the mall. If your weekend is filled with just the same activity, surely you will be bored and want something new. To ensure that you will enjoy your weekend, then it can be a good idea for Escape the room NYC, by which you can play the game you never played before.

Do you want to try a different, exciting game and can train teamwork? Of course, we have the solution for you. For those of you who want to fill in the weekend by training in dexterity and compactness, you can try to play the escape room. This game can be followed by many people. It’s really good if you want to invite friends to play.

Usually, players consist of three to eight people. There is a time limit that has been set at the beginning. Usually, the duration is one to two hours. First of all, you will enter a locked room. After that, you will be given game instructions at the beginning. Then, there are challenges in solving puzzles, codes, and overcoming physical obstacles. You and your friends have to skip it all. The goal: find a way out!

Yes, you can choose a place that has five rooms with different permissions. It consists of four levels, namely fun level 1, rather creepy level 2, scary level 3, and level 4 which makes you want to rush out of the room. The puzzle game here is quite difficult to guess because the instructions are limited. However, that is precisely what makes it exciting. You will feel like Sherlock Holmes. Each game can be filled with two to eight people.

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