How to Prepare the Meals for Your Loved Ones

Making lunch for your little one is easy and difficult. It could be an easy menu, but still, need time to prepare it. Or, confused about determining what to do because sometimes children also have unexpected tastes and desires. Another challenge is the provision must be healthy but liked by the little one. When you plan for meal prep, is meal prep bag what you keep on your mind?

Make sure that you will cool the food that is still hot before you put it in the lunch box. Food that is immediately wrapped tightly when it is still hot will cause steam to be trapped so that the food will wither when it’s cold, especially food such as fried or stir-fried. Use a container that is completely closed/airtight (so that food does not spill in the bag). It is strongly recommended to use a container of food grade quality material. Stock containers should also be easily opened and closed so that your child does not need adult help to do so.

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